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6.3% ABV
12 oz. $5.50

We brought back our popular West End White Stout but with a twist. Brewed with plenty of oats and wheat for a super soft body. Then we threw in some pumpkin, let it age on coffee beans and packed it with hand cut vanilla beans. This beer is full of vanilla, chocolate, dark fruit and pumpkin spices throughout each sip. *contains lactose

Kolsch Encouters

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5% ABV
16 oz. $5.50

Continuing the German spirit with our first Kolsch! All German malt and hops were used to make this authentic as possible. After lagering for two weeks our Kolsch pours clear with a white pillowy head. Tasting notes of honey and biscuit with undertones of pear and apple. Super crispy with a touch of bitterness at the end of your sip. Prost!