There is the obvious. The brewery is located at the northern end of North Water Street on the edge of Kent’s energetic downtown district. There is also something of substance to the phrase “north water brewing.”

The geology of Northeast Ohio includes remnants from four continental glacier advances and retreats that occurred from 50,000 to 10,000 years ago. Left behind were deep river valleys gouged by the advancing ice that filled with sands and gravels as the glaciers retreated.

These now underground valleys are natural funnels (underground rivers) that transport groundwater beneath our feet.


Everyone knows that sand and gravel are nature’s premier systems for filtering water.

As groundwater with its origin many miles to the north makes a slow but steady movement to Kent’s east side well field it passes through these cleansing deposits. The result is Kent’s widely recognized high-quality municipal water. We are brewing north water.

North Water’s master brewer Dylan Hamilton reports, “Kent’s water is as close to perfection as it gets.”

Dylan pushes the boundaries in his brewing pursuits, noting, “Starting with a clean canvas allows me to create exciting beers without the worry of water chemistry skewing the results.”